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Praise the Lord,

Since you have landed on my website and know that here I have hosted devotional mp3 files and other related materials.
I have tried to gather and publish these materials in an organized and searchable manner.
I hope you would have found this a very useful service.
This is my smallest effort for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hosting these kind of media requires lots of Internet bandwidth and web space.
Therefore, it is obvious that this service incurs huge web hosting expenses.
I have started this as a free service and the expenses are made from my personal funds.
If you would like to support this service by providing funds, then you can have the following options.

Ad Placements

There is an advertisement oppurtunity for all types of advertisers to promote their business, products and brand online through this website.
You can place your ads on this website for a small amount and get your products or websites promoted.
I have used very responsive design which pleases the visitors. The clean and neat ad placements will result in more click-through.
Below is a snapshot of available ad slots on this website
Available Ad Slots and Pricing
Terms of Service

  • All prices mentioned above are for 30 days of advertising
  • Advertising of adult or non-family friendly websites will not be accepted.
  • Acceptance of advertising is on my sole discretion.
  • Payments will be accepted only through PayPal.
  • No refunds will be made once payment received.
  • Your ads will be removed if any suspicious activity is found like (but not limited to) malware, redirects, malicious content etc.
  • Notice of removal will be sent to your email.
  • Ads will start appearing as soon as it is approved. Payment should be made within 36 hours of ad approval
  • If you are interested in placing ad on this website, then drop me an email with your advertisement requirement.
    Please add 'Advertisement Requirement' in your subject line. Send the email to [email protected]



    If you are a beleiver in Christ, and would like to donate funds to support this service, then drop me an email with your details.
    Please add 'Donations' in your subject line. Send the email to [email protected]